Charlton Spotlight #2 (Summer 2002)

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Charlton Summer Fun

Charlton Spotlight #2 is a cornucopia of Charlton summer fun, featuring an interview with AC Comics’ Bill Black, who briefly revived the Charlton action-heroes in the early 1980s; Ron Frantz’s memoir of visiting Steve Ditko, Joe Gill, Frank McLaughlin, Dick Giordano, and Charlton Press in 1987 and his adventures along the way; follow-up Pat Boyette features, including a memoir by Marty Baumann and unpublished Peacemaker art; Ron Fortier and Gary Kato on their cocreation of one of Charlton’s last superheroes, Mr. Jigsaw; and a classic vintage 1950s Joe Shuster reprint. Plus editorial, letters, news, and reviews, and part 1 of Dan Stevenson’s complete Charlton Comics year-by-year checklist, 1944-54. The front cover is a montage of Charlton art and photos, and the back cover reproduces a rare Nature Boy cover by John Buscema. • 40 pages, two-color covers and B&W interiors (2nd printing).

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