Charlton Spotlight #1 (Fall 2000)

$6.95 each


Pat Boyette Tribute

Charlton Spotlight #1 celebrates the life and art of Charlton legend Pat Boyette, with memoirs and commentary by Joe Gill, Steve Skeates, Alex Toth, Bill Pearson, Jim Amash, Ron Frantz, Don Mangus, Robin Snyder, Ramon Schenk and James Cassara, plus biographical and bibliographic features and a comprehensive checklist of Boyette’s work in comics and film, rounded out by a Boyette cover gallery. This first issue also presents Dan Stevenson’s complete Charlton Comics title checklist, along with editorial, news, reviews, and more. The front cover illustration by Tom Sutton depicts Boyette surrounded by many of his Charlton creations, and the back cover by Jim Amash shows a fanciful phone conversation with his old friend. • 48 pages, two-color covers and B&W interiors (4th printing).

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