Charlton Spotlight #8

Big New Issue!

Spotlight #9

Will Franz Interview, New Comics Stories, and Space Western!

Full-length sit-down with Will Franz! The Charlton war comics writer discusses working with artist Sam Glanzman, fellow writer Joe Gill, and editors Dick Giordano, Sal Gentile, and George Wildman during his short but seminal Charlton career. Plus brand-new Snuffy Smith and Atomic Rabbit comics stories by John Rose and George Wildman! Read more or Purchase




New comic book from Argo Press!

Charlton Spotlight Comic #1


Charlton Spotlight Comics #1

New comics stories by George Wildman, Donnie Pitchford, Bill Pearson and Z. Capistance!

New from Argo Press, it’s brand-new kid-friendly comics stories by Charlton Comics veterans and fellow travelers in Charlton Spotlight Comics #1!

George Wildman’s first comic book art in nearly two decades! Read more or Purchase



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