Charlton Spotlight #3 (Spring 2004)

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Tom Sutton Tribute

Charlton Spotlight #3 remembers the life and art of one of comics’ greatest stylists, Tom Sutton, featuring memoirs and commentary by Steve Skeates, Nicola Cuti, Bill Pearson, Batton Lash, Jim Amash, Bhob Stewart, Steve Fiorilla and Stefan Petrucha, with a vintage 1970s Sutton interview by Mark Burbey. The whole issue is chock-full with unpublished photos and art, along with a Sutton Charlton checklist, cover gallery, and classic reprint “The Anywhere Machine” by Cuti and Sutton. Following our Sutton tributes are interviews with Billy the Kid artist Jose Delbo and Abbott and Costello artist Henry Scarpelli. We also have spotlights on Pete Morisi, Jack Keller and Grass Green. Plus editorial matters, letters, news and reviews, and part 2 of Dan Stevenson’s complete Charlton Comics year-by-year checklist, 1955-58. The front cover is a monster mash-up of a photo of Sutton with his cover art to Ghostly Tales #106; the back cover reproduces a classic Sutton Charlton horror cover from the original art. • 72 pages, two-color covers and B&W interiors.

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